Namco is one of those companies that, while having enough notoriety, still seems to be a bit under the radar. Despite having a few particularly popular series names under their belts, they’re more known today for their adaptations of various animes into games. Still, they’re a company that won’t be forgotten, particularly with old-school gamers. Their recent work on Street Fighter X Tekken is proof of that. Now, a recent bit of information could point towards them working on their next big title, a title that hopefully involves SoulCalibur.

On the Japanese Namco Bandai site, one can find a countdown timer current sitting at around 12 days. The countdown is featured on a book and is clearly handwritten, with a candle in the corner flickering with the movements of the mouse. The link to the page has the caption “the beginning of the new chapter,” and if one looks close enough, they can see very faded writing above and below the countdown.

The format of the page and the caption could mean that the site is counting down to the announcement of the next game in the SoulCalibur series.¬†The storybook theme was prevalent throughout the entire series, with the openings to each game often having a book involved in some way. The handwriting and usage of the candle fit well with the game’s medieval setting, and the use of the word “chapter” has also appeared numerous times in the games. We’ll just have to wait and see to be sure if this is SoulCalibur 5, but we at least know it’s another “chapter” to an existing series.

One thing that should be pointed out is the use of the word “new” in the caption. If this was a new SoulCalibur, and it was just another game in the series, then the word “next” would be more likely although in this context it means the same thing. The last game however, SoulCalibur 4, had a very definite tone of finality to it. The word usage could mean nothing, but it could just as likely mean that the game would be completely different from the previous entries in the series or a reboot of sorts (a la the latest¬†Mortal Kombat). It could mean a focus on entirely different characters, or a re-imagining of the series as a whole.

What are your thoughts? Does the countdown mean a new SoulCalibur is on the way? Does the theory of it being completely new have merit?

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Source: BandaiNamcoGames