Rumor Patrol: Sony to Bring Vita Title ‘Soul Sacrifice’ to America?

By | 4 years ago 

The PlayStation Vita has slowly been gaining ground as a console, but still needs a few more big IP’s to help legitimize it in the eyes of many gamers. Luckily, that game may be on its way, as a unique hack-and-slash title called Soul Sacrifice will launch on the system soon in Japan.

What does that mean for Western audiences, though? As it turns out, that same title may be on its way over here as well.

Recently, Sony Computer Entertainment America acquired the rights to a domain name called ForsakenSoulsTheGame. The name seems to hint at another sequel to Demon’s Souls – which Sony does have the legal rights to – but the commonly-accepted theory is that it’s the localized name for Soul Sacrifice, which is unrelated to the Demon’s Souls IP, meaning the game could be arriving on Western Vitas either late this year or early next year.

Soul Sacrifice/Forsaken Souls is a multiplayer action game where the player takes on the role of a wizard and teams up with other wizards to fight monsters and demons. What makes this title different from others in the genre is that players can’t simple cast spells like in other games. The wizard must sacrifice something in order to cast – whether it be a small thing like an item, or a large thing like a limb, or even an ally.

If it turns out to be good, a unique title like this might be enough to convince hold-outs to buy a Vita. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the game is being developed by Keiji Inafune, the mastermind behind the Mega Man series – which should be enough of a seal of approval for a sales bump. The concept alone sounds interesting – but, until we get more information, it’s hard to say anything definitive.

Granted, we don’t know for sure that the game is actually a localized version of Soul Sacrifice – as it could still be a Demon’s Souls spin-off or something different entirely. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: DomainTools [via Siliconera]