The PlayStation Vita is in a bit of a software drought at the moment. While there were plenty of high profile launch titles, the past couple of weeks have been very sparse in terms of new releases. There’s still plenty to look forward to in the future though – including a new game called Soul Sacrifice.

Revealed by a multi-page ad in Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Soul Sacrifice is a new Vita title that sounds like a cross between Demon’s Souls and Monster Hunter, not surprising considering Sony still wants to work on the former and the latter is a very profitable franchise.

Aside from the name, very little has been revealed about Soul Sacrifice. The ad showcased four characters fighting a three headed monster, as well as a few details regarding magicians and demons. One has to wonder if the four characters signal a tease towards a potential co-op mode.

Check out the ad and let us know what you think:

Part of the text in the ad states “The action game that shakes your soul, the beat begins now.” That can be interpreted in many ways, how will one’s “soul” play into the game? Is this going to be a spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls where souls are used as a type of currency? And what about “the beat begins now”? The first thought one could have is that the game will incorporate music in some way. One thing is for sure though, this is going to be an action game, so players can at least look forward to some combat on the go.

More information on the game will be revealed on a May 10th event held by Sony in Japan, from 3 to 4pm. This makes it highly likely that the title is a first party developed game, perhaps Japan Studio is behind the project? At this point, it’s entirely possible that Soul Sacrifice is the new IP by Guerilla Games, though it seems unlikely that Sony would announce a game by a Western Studio at a Japanese event. If it’s worth anything, Andriasang pointed out that SCEI is in the game’s copyright. However, that doesn’t mean the title is internally developed, seeing as though the Demon’s Souls IP is owned by Sony – despite being developed the third party From Software.

At this point, we’ll just have to wait until that event to find out more details.

Soul Sacrifice is in development for the PlayStation Vita.

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