Soul Sacrifice looks to be a very unique twist on the established high fantasy genre. Rather than being able to use magic without any sort of consequences, the player has to make some sort of sacrifice on their part, whether it be an item, a body part, an ally, or the player themselves. Those who are interested in the title, or are just looking for more games for their Vita, will be happy to hear that the it’s now slated for a North American release.

Keiji Inafune – most recognized for his creation of the Mega Man franchise – is the creator of this interesting spin on the fantasy genre, working with Comcept and MarvelousAQL, as well as Yasunori Mitsuda and Wataru Hokoyama on the music for the soundtrack.

In an interview with SCEA, Inafune described the game as a mix of reality into the fantasy setting. He wanted to present a reality in the fantasy world that wasn’t toned down or scaled back at all. He explained that, since people make sacrifices in everyday life, having to make sacrifices in a fantasy setting wasn’t too farfetched. Overall, he wanted to create a completely new gaming experience, and hopes Soul Sacrifice will be that experience for gamers everywhere.

Soul Sacrifice North America Screenshot

In addition to the images shown above, Sony also released an official trailer for Soul Sacrifice which features a few scenes of gameplay and more from Keiji Inafune. Sony has promised that we’ll be seeing more of Soul Sacrifice at E3 this year, so a release date may not be too far off. You can see the trailer in question below:


If nothing else, this game looks to be rather gory. As seen in the trailer above, one of the sacrifices a player can make involves removing their own spine through their mouth to make a sword. An earlier highlight had the player setting themselves on fire to perform another spell. Making the choice between self sacrifice and ally sacrifice appears to be a key element to the game, and it will be interesting to see how various players approach it.

Interesting to note is that, despite the rumour about Soul Sacrifice‘s American release, it appears it will still have its original name. This raises the question of just what the ‘Forsaken Souls’ domain name is for. Perhaps we’ll find out at E3 this year.

Are you interested in Soul Sacrifice? What do you think the Forsaken Souls domain name is for?

Source: PlayStation Blog