As we enter the fall gaming season, the focus is on all of the big-name titles that are on their way for the Christmas rush. But what shouldn’t be ignored are the titles that are set for release in the months following that – to give the new year a good start.

One of those titles is the latest in Namco‘s longstanding fighting franchise, the Soul Calibur series, with¬†Soul Calibur V. Since its initial announcement back in May, we’ve steadily been getting new information about the title, and now we’ve been given another new trailer at TGS this year.

The trailer actually hints a bit at the story that will take place during Soul Calibur V. We already know that the events occur 17 years after the last game. The trailer explains that the son of Sophitia, Patroklos, is the “heir to the title of Holy Warrior.” This seems to indicate that he’s taken his mother’s place as the servant of the Greek god Hephaestus. It also hints at some sort of destiny for his sister, Pyrrha, which she is trying to defy.

Make your own speculations by watching the Tokyo Game Show Soul Calibur V trailer below:


While the trailer does explain more of the story, it also shows off a number of characters that we’ve already seen in action. More importantly, however, is that it features two characters that had yet to be revealed. The first of these is familiar face Astaroth, the golem created by the Greek God Ares to acquire Soul Edge. He’s an instantly recognizable character, having been with the series since Soul Calibur, and is noted for his sheer ruthlessness and unique appearance that changes with every game. His newest incarnation appears to take a few cues from the Frankenstein Monster, with metal bolts for harnessing electricity sticking out of his back.

The trailer also proves that Namco Bandai is following through on their promise to include plenty of new characters in the game. We’re introduced to an as-of-yet unnamed character who seems to look like either a gypsy thief or mysterious fortune teller. Possibly a bit of both, as her chief weapons are a floating pink orb and a clawed hand. Pretty odd – even though it’s great to see the team experimenting a bit more with character design.

What are your thoughts on the new character introduced here – as well as the new storyline?

Soul Calibur V comes out in 2012 for the Xbox 360 and PS3.