Soul Calibur 6 Cassandra DLC Gets Release Date, Reveal Trailer

soul calibur 6 cassandra dlc release date

Soul Calibur 6, the latest entry in the long-running fighting game series, has been primarily heralded as a return to form, and part of that is due to the returning cast of characters from prior entries to the series. One of these characters, Cassandra, has now been officially revealed to be making a comeback.

Cassandra's presence in Soul Calibur 6 has been known by dataminers for some time, but she has not been officially announced or available for download. Her return has been of particular interest, as she was absent from Soul Calibur 5. Now, at the end of EVO 2019, her reveal trailer has been released, as well as a release date: tomorrow, August 5th.

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Cassandra's moveset looks to be very similar to how it has been in prior series entries. She fights with a short sword and shield, much like elder her sister Sophitia. However, Cassandra's fighting style is a bit more vigorous and playful than her sister's. Rapid combos and throws are particularly useful in Cassandra's playstyle, based on the trailer, which should allow her to hold her own against characters with longer reach but a slower attacks.

Cassandra comes to Soul Calibur 6 at the very end of its first season of downloadable content. Other characters thus far have included guest character Nier's 2B, as well as series mainstay Tira, and Amy, who had been previously missing from the fighting game's roster since Soul Calibur 4. The game has also released a wide array of DLC customization items for the game's in-depth character creator.

Although season 1 of Soul Calibur 6's DLC has now come to an end with Cassandra, it isn't over for the fighting game just yet. A second season has already been announced, and with it, a whole new slew of fighting game characters are likely to join the game. Bandai Namco has already teased the first, unveiling Haohmaru of Samurai Shodown as a crossover character joining in the second season. For now, a release date for Haohmaru has not been released.

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Soul Calibur 6 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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