We first learned that there would be a Soul Calibur V back in May, thanks to a mysterious countdown on the Japanese Namco Bandai website. We then got an official confirmation, along with the revelation that the game took place 17 years after the last one, meaning a slew of new characters would be included along with some returning faces. The timeskip certainly raises some questions as to who could return, and what they would look like, but a new Soul Calibur V trailer from Gamescom 2011 shows a few familiar faces to satisfy our curiousity.

The four returning Soul Calibur characters revealed in the trailer are Voldo, Maxi, Tira, and Hilde. Voldo is sort of the dark horse of the Soul Calibur series, the one character everyone thinks of when the games are brought up – Probably because he’s just so bizarre that he’s instantly recognizable. Maxi was introduced in the orignal Soul Calibur, a revenge-driven pirate that somehow managed to be a tribute to both Elvis Presley and Bruce Lee at the same time. Tira first appeared in Soul Calibur III as a servant to Soul Edge, winning over many fans thanks to her split personality and her unique ring weapon. Last but not least, Hilde is the newest character of the four, introduced in Soul Calibur IV as a knight trying to hunt down Siegfried.

See these four characters and more in action in the following Soul Calibur V gameplay trailer:


What’s rather odd is that neither Maxi or Hilde appear to be all that different after the 17-year timeskip. Granted, going by Maxi’s actions in the last game, there could be a reason for that. Hilde on the other hand, is the newest character outside of the new additions, so it makes sense that she wouldn’t change too much. Voldo’s outfit is different, yet he still looks as recognizably bizarre as ever. Tira looks the most different, her outfit making her look unrecognizable – She actually looks more like Amy, Raphael’s adopted daughter.

With a year until the game’s release, there’s still plenty of time to speculate as to who else could appear in Soul Calibur V. The new characters introduced so far are certainly interesting in their own right, but there’s still the curiosity regarding how recognizable characters will have changed in 17 years. Will we see a still-vampiric Raphael? What about the heroic monk Kilik? Maybe another child of an older character could appear as a new face, much like Patroklos and Pyrrha are the children of Sophitia?

Soul Calibur V will be released in 2012 for the PS3 and Xbox.