'SoulCalibur V' Confirmed, Shura Not Returning

Shura Not Returning In Soul Calibur 5

The SoulCalibur series is a popular many reasons: Its intriguing, three-dimensional characters; Its plot that continues to evolve as time moves on; Its unique weapons-based fighting system. The franchise has created a number of great titles, and it looks like that will continue, as SoulCalibur V has been confirmed. Some gamers however, might be a bit disappointed when they hear that a fan favorite won't be returning for the new installment.

Some of you may remember that the Japanese Namco Bandai website put up a mysterious countdown about a week ago. That countdown is still ongoing, and could still lead to more information on SoulCalibur 5. However, the director of the game, Daishi Odashima, confirmed the game's development via his Twitter account, and has been answering questions regarding the game since. Though he has yet to reveal any major bits of information, such as a potential release date, he has mentioned that Siegfried, who arguably had the main character role for most of the series, won't be the main character for the next SoulCalibur.

Another surprising reveal is that fan favorite character Shura won't be making an appearance in the next game. No reason for this was given, and it was just an answer to a fan asking if she would return. It could be that, due to her role as an extra character in the last game, and one that wasn't integral to the plot, she would be considered unnecessary.

Shura's only appearance was in SoulCalibur IV came as one of the extra characters who mimicked other characters' movesets - in her case, the Dread Pirate, Cervantes. Her only reason for existence was killing other people and she eventually moved on to fighting evil spirits. One of them wound up possessing her, but not even that stopped her from continuing her killing spree. She and the spirit eventually joined forces, the spirit wanting to find a truly powerful body to stay in, and Shura wanting to kill more and more people. She became a surprisingly popular character, so there will be disappointed in her not coming back.

Are you looking forward to the newest SoulCalibur? Who will be the main character, if not Siegfried? How did the events of the previous game end? What will the plot of this one be?

Leave any thoughts you may have in the comments below.

Source: Daishi Odashima, The Silent Chief

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