'Soul Calibur V' Launch Trailer Kicks Off the Hype Train

SoulCalibur V Launch Trailer

With Soul Calibur V scheduled to hit, maim, and combo retailers tomorrow, Namco Bandai felt it may be a good idea to release an official launch trailer on the eve of the game's debut. After watching the trailer, I'm inclined to agree with their logic. The brand new ad features a plethora of new and old characters doing battle on the stage of history, and it hits its intended mark... for the most part.

There is a little bit of cosplay involved, which is presumably an attempt to link actual players with their in-game character in Soul Calibur 5. Everything after the first 28 seconds is an adrenaline-filled punchfest though, and it's got plenty of action that should thoroughly satisfy both fighting game fans and aficionados of mammary-based physics.


I can't imagine why anyone would need to apply lipstick, wear leather pants, and grab a whip to play a video game, but it may be safe to assume that those same people get a kick out of the "rumble" feature in their controller. I will admit that the Assassin's Creed hoodie made me mildly envious though, and it's something I hope I can secure from Ubisoft one day in the near future.

The game is looking great and I'm sure that Soul Calibur fans will be far from disappointed with the final product if it's anywhere near as fun to play as that trailer alluded to. With the inclusion of Assassin's Creed protagonist Ezio Auditore, along with bountiful amounts of franchise veterans and newcomers, Soul Calibur 5 may be the best installment in the long-running series yet.

Will you be picking up a copy of Soul Calibur 5 on launch day? Who's your go-to combatant?

Soul Calibur 5 releases January 31, 2012, on Xbox 360 and PS3.


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