Sony Conjures Up a New Sorcery Trailer

With Gamescom 2010 seemingly hemorrhaging game trailers, it’s time to add another one to that list, Sorcery. The game is slated to be a fairly early release for the PlayStation Move, and this new trailer showcases footage of not just the game but of what the player will look like getting their wizard-waggle on.

See for yourself:


This game got a pretty decent amount of stage time at Sony’s E3 press event, and to be honest, I was fairly interested in what we saw then. Seriously, let’s not kid ourselves here; this is any Harry Potter fan’s virtual dream come true. However, even though I was intrigued by the game, a few nagging doubts kept me from getting to work on whittling my own wand right then and there.

The biggest concern is that, in terms of target audience, the game is skewed extremely young. That concern is reinforced by this new trailer with the use of a child to show off the controls as well as the naming of the game’s location, the “Fairy Realm”. That may seem like a superficial complaint, but when was the last time you were moved by the mature weight of a narrative that took place in that particular realm? So unless the game is hiding a Salem-style witch hunt level, it’s a pretty safe bet that this one’s for the kids.

Potential issue number two rests in one of the game’s core mechanics, multiple spell casting. Sorcery allows players to cast different elemental spells with a flick of the wrist. Even better, the game lets players mix these spells. Lay down a wall of flames followed by a gust of air, and suddenly you have a giant fire tornado as your primary means of inflicting magical pain on some unruly goblins.Combinations like this are a big selling point, but the bad news is that it still looks like wizard-wannabes will have to bring up a circular dial menu every time they want to switch attack type. This could potentially crush the flow of enemy encounters and of the game itself. If you don’t believe me, give BioShock 2 a spin, and the negative impact of this type of design on a fast-paced game will become quite clear.

What do the Ranters say? Does Sorcery make you want a lightning bolt scar tattoo on your foreheads and to start knitting some robes, or am I over-analyzing an early Move title that will be little more than a tech demo to amuse the kids? Should we all hold out for the M-rated Harry Potter and the Muggle Genocide? Let us know!

Source: CVG

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