At Sony’s E3 press in 2010, one game in particular garnered some needed excitement and interest for the PlayStation Move. We’re talking Sorcery, a game that at the time would have been coming out during the end of the Harry Potter film franchise, perfect for marketing purposes.

Instead, the game vanished as The Workshop and SCE Santa Monica Studio re-worked the game in response to some of the negative feedback and changed up the style a bit by making the protagonist a little older. The game is finally arriving next month and to explain the story of the game, Sony has released a new Sorcery trailer.

With the Kinect continuing to not be able to deliver “core” gaming experiences (see: Kinect Star Wars) or precision motion control (again, Kinect Star Wars), Sony has a chance to do something with the Move, something they’ve completely failed to do since the Move came out with almost nonexistent support outside of forcing in motion control support for some of their first-party games (Resistance 3, Killzone 3, etc.).

Kinect support for Xbox 360 games is slowly being reduced to tacked on optional features that in some cases, don’t even make use of the motion sensor. Mass Effect 3 and Skyrim for instance are utilizing Kinect only for voice commands – even though the console ships with a headset – and for the upcoming Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, motion support is only available during the GunSmith weapon customization.

With Sorcery, Sony hopes to both show that Kinect is inferior to the Move and that a core gaming experience can be offered with it.

We won’t know until we go hands-on with the updated version, but the game looks very similar to the Fable series in its aesthetic and styling, which is convenient considering Fable: The Journey (another game that earned mixed reaction from its E3 unveiling) is coming out for Kinect this year.

From what we’ve learned, E3 2012 will be a relaunching point of sorts for Sony and the Move so we’ll see if that holds true this time around, because my Move has gathered dust for over a year now.

Sorcery releases exclusively on the PS3 on May 22, 2012.

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