'Sorcery' Gets A Release Date; New Exclusive Move Game 'Datura' Revealed

Sorcery Fortress

The PlayStation Move is certainly an interesting piece of hardware, but some people feel as though it's lacking in the software department.

That may not be the case anymore, as Sony has just revealed the release date for Sorcery, and an interesting new game called Datura.

First things first. Sorcery. Ever since its reveal the game has elusively evaded the eyes of gamers, until it finally resurfaced late last year. Sony can now confirm that the game will be available May 22nd, 2012 and it will also retain the visual changes that we previewed last year.

Many gamers will tell you they bought a Move controller because of the potential demoed in Sorcery. Hopefully when the game launches we'll find out if the wait was worth it. There don't seem to be many Move games that are built from the ground up for the controller, so if Sorcery is successful maybe it will kick off a trend.

Here are a bunch of new screen shots to tide you over until the game releases:

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While some gamers bought their Moves for Sorcery, it's unlikely many people picked up Sony's motion controller for Datura - that is, aside from myself. Datura is a new game by Plastic, also known as the developer behind the PSN title Linger and Shadows. For their latest title, the team has turned to the PlayStation Move for the control scheme. While the game is very Move focused, it will be playable with a regular Dualshock controller. The title will also support Sony's much touted stereoscopic 3D feature.

Datura officially received a name yesterday, but prior to that you've probably seen a few videos of footage floating around the internet. If you haven't, check the game out below:



Datura Announcement Logo

From trees to faces, the game will allow players to touch many items in the environment. This is what developer Plastic calls its method of expirmental story telling, as it will allow players to immerse themselves in the game.

"While taking inspiration from film-like narratives, Datura is a story you get a chance to physically participate in. As you travel through the game, you will encounter choices and face your consequences. It is through these puzzles that Datura explores an element of anxiety: was it a right choice or a wrong choice?"

Linger in Shadows was very similar in its unique story telling methods, but that title was billed mostly as "interactive art." Will Datura be more of a "game"? We'll find out when it launches later this year. But if you're into unique titles, this is one to keep an eye on.

With Sorcery and Datura, it seems Move owners have some unique titles to look forward to this year. Hopefully Sony has even more in the works, and with GDC happening right now, who knows what else will be announced?

Sorcery releases May 22nd, 2012 on the PS3 and Datura is set to hit the PSN sometime in 2012.


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