Sony PlayStation Move Title 'Sorcery' Has Been Significantly Re-Tooled

Back during E3 2010, Sony showed a game called Sorcery that most thought was meant to be a PlayStation Move title for its clever use of both the colored balls on the wand and its tech demo feel. But then, E3 2011 came and went without any mention of Sorcery, and gamers figured the tech demo was just that: a proof of concept.

Now Sony has come out to say that Sorcery will still be making its way to the PS3, in all of its magic-wielding Move glory, but it has been significantly re-tooled. Gone is the cartoony design of the main character and enemies, replaced with a more mature style.

The game’s dungeon crawling has also been switched out for more free-form play spaces, not necessarily open-world but less linear. To help reiterate that point, some new screenshots have also been released.

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In Sorcery, players will take on the role of Finn, a sorcerer’s apprentice who mistakenly ventures into the realm of the dead. From there, one has to figure that magical hijinks ensue, and its up to Finn to master the ways of the sorcerer, or witness some form of destruction.

The core concept of Sorcery appears to be relatively untouched; it’s the veneer that has received a very substantial overhaul. Since the game has yet to be demoed in its changed state, I still harbor some apprehension as to how the game will keep the Move controls from not being as repetitive as they appeared back in 2010.

Changing the design of a game is all well and good, but when the fundamental concept felt like a tech demo, there is the feeling that no change of scenery can elevate a project. Still, with the success of Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim further fueling our desire to wield magic with the use of our hands or the sound of our voice, there may just be a place for Sorcery after all.

Are you happy to hear that Sorcery is not dead, and has been significantly re-tooled? Will this title generate more appeal now that it has a more mature tone?

Source: Eurogamer

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