Remember way back during E3 2010, when Sony was unveiling an interesting piece of hardware that looked and acted suspiciously like a super-precise Wii-mote? While certainly not as popular as Kinect, the PlayStation Move has made its mark on the industry since that fateful Sony Keynote: albeit more of a gingerly wade into the pool instead of a splash.

During that keynote, Sony showed a title that exemplified everything the Move would be, Sorcery. Only we haven’t seen or heard anything else about it a year later.

That is, until recently when Sony’s UK PR Executive Hugo Bustillos confirmed that the Move title Sorcery is indeed “still in development.”

Coming as a surprise and a shock, Sorcery hasn’t made headlines in over a year – other than a recent job posting for a new UI Artist back in May of this quarter. As one of the more well received titles for the Move shown at E3 last year, it was hard to imagine that the game would turn into a vanishing act.

Check out the Sorcery GamesCom trailer below:


Unfortunately at this time, there is still no word on a release date, or even what the progress is on the title (or for that matter what has been keeping it off the shelves). It’s possible that developers, The Workshop, wanted to go back and change the tone of the title. It wouldn’t exactly be a bad thing, considering newly announced Kinect title Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest had more than a hint of Sorcery in the gameplay and style.

But where the differences lie is what makes Sorcery all the more tantalizing. Instead of mini-game mechanics or added third-party motion controls, Sorcery is built entirely around the Move, and the often-forgotten navigation-controller. It could be the title to really push sales for the Move (which is still miles behind the Microsoft’s Kinect), and give developers enough ideas to explore their own possibilities.

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