List of Which Game Companies Do and Do Not Support SOPA Created

SOPA Supporter List

While it might not have as great of an impact as the Mature Video Game Law would have had it been passed, the effects of the Stop Online Piracy Act will be felt for a long time to come if it passes. Though some might not be familiar with SOPA (as it is more commonly known) there are those who have made an informed decision whether or not to support the act.

Among those individuals and organizations that support SOPA are dozens of video game related companies -- from Epic Games all the way down to Nival --  who have made the bold choice to show their hand, and reveal their stance to their fans. Some have felt the sting of supporting SOPA, while others have preemptively dropped support lest their products suffer in the market.

But ultimately there are still a ton of companies that support the Act, and those who do not and to help clear the issue of who is for and who is not, Rock Paper Shotgun has put together a handy list of many prominent game publishers and developers and indicated what their stance is. Even with this list there are still those publishers, like Sony and Nintendo, who are against the act as one entity, but are also for it because they are members of the ESA.

You see, this whole SOPA support issue is much more complicated than any one company wants people to believe. There are plenty of companies who have come out in support of the bill, like Microsoft, but are also members of organizations that are against it.

I’m not hear to preach about SOPA and tell you that it’s wrong, and whoever supports it is an enemy, just trying to lay out some extra facts. Once you’ve read up on SOPA, and have made your own informed decision, then head on over to Rock Paper Shotgun’s handy list, which they intend to update as new information arises, and see where your favorite video game companies stand.

What is your stance on SOPA and how do you feel about certain game companies supporting the Act? Can the gaming public at large influence the opinions of publishers and developers?

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

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