Is This Sony's PlayStation 5 Devkit?

A patent registration for an unknown Sony device has been shared online. The shape and nature of the device are leading many to speculate that it is a PlayStation 5 development kit, or at least a version of it. The console has a unique "V" shape carved into its center and a series of slots along each side, which are bound to raise eyebrows. It also has a series of USB ports and LEDs across the front that is common in console devkits. There's also, naturally, a disc slot.

The rumored PS5 devkit is not significantly different from the PlayStation 4 devkit, beyond the odd shaping of the console's frame. Devkits are traditionally boxy, designed more for function than for style. However, this rumored PS5 devkit's design is definitely unique amongst its predecessors. Given the success of the PS4, perhaps Sony wants its devkit to stand out a bit more from the crowd.

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Details about the patent, as well as the devkit, remain few. According to the patent's registration details, the leaked patent was originally registered in Brazil. The patent application was originally submitted in late May and then it was published August 13. The owner of the patent is Sony Interactive Entertainment in Japan, and there's no overt reference to PlayStation or the PS5 otherwise found in the patent's application details.

However, there is one detail that clearly connects the patent to PlayStation: under the "Designer" label is the name "YUSUHIRO OOTORI." This is almost certainly a misspelling of the name Yasuhiro Ootori, Sony's director of engineering. Ootori doesn't engage publically with the video game industry very often, as his last notable appearance being the release of the PS4, which he and his team built. This means it's either a PS5 devkit or another PlayStation product.

ps5 devkit concept art

The patent registration for the rumored PS5 devkit doesn't have any hardware details, unfortunately. It's unable to confirm whether or not recent leak showing that the PS5's graphics processing unit is two times as powerful as the PS4 Pro's, for example. However, it is a great reminder that the PS5 is nearing completion, meaning 2020 is bound to be a very exciting year.

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