Sonya Blade Leaked As Playable Character in 'Mortal Kombat'

Sonya Blade Leaked Mortal Kombat 9

For an entire generation of the gaming public, fighting games were defined by the gore and insanity that was Mortal Kombat. Fighting games since then have grown exponentially both in terms of graphics and complexity, with titles like Super Street Fighter IV and Marvel Vs. Capcom as a few of the greats. NetherRealm Studios plans to give the giants of the genre a fight with the release of a new MK title in 2011. Their secret weapon: nostalgia. Sonya Blade is now the latest fan-favorite to be revealed as one of the game's fighters. Commence giddy excitement.

If Mortal Kombat is known for one thing, it's its immediately-recognizable cast of characters. With Scorpion's signature brutality already confirmed with his own vignette, we can now move onto one of the first female characters who truly terrified players. Sonya Blade had already appeared in every MK title since 1992, so it's not a shock that she'll also appear in the next project.

The leak came from an image being posted online of what seems to be the character selection screen for Mortal Kombat, showing off the previously announced cast of fighters. Also featured is what can only be a picture of Sonya Blade (lower left corner), who NetherRealm has not officially announced.

Sonya Blade Mortal Kombat Screenshot Revealed

This is yet another reason to look forward to Mortal Kombat's re-entry into the serious fighting genre. The trailer reveals that MK has returned to its 2D roots, while still retaining some of the depth of the 3D entries. The combat is what you would expect from a Mortal Kombat game designed to be a contender for the monsters in the fighting game arena.

Our firsthand experiences with Mortal Kombat showed that there is definitely something to look forward to, and it would be a safe guess that thousands of gamers would pick up the game for no other reason than to return to their childhoods. No fighting game, no matter how sophisticated can compare to the shouts of "Finish Him!"

The screen shows that at least 4 fighters remain secret, so the title of largest-cast of fighters will most likely remain with Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. Jax, Scorpion, and especially Sub-Zero - these are the characters that last, no matter how many forgettable games they appear in.

They're also the reason fans crave a chance to introduce them to some of gaming's other greats. Sonya is a welcome addition, and the idea of a her facing off with Chun-Li simply must happen.

Whether you love her or hate her, you'll be able to see Sonya Blade enter the ring when Mortal Kombat is released in the first half of 2011 for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Source: iPlay Winner (via CVG)

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