While early outcries over the recent PlayStation Network down time had tons of PS3 owners claiming that they would forever leave the Sony console behind, the company is reporting that only a “small percentage” of their membership have actually abandoned ship.

According to the PlayStation help center call logs, as revealed by Sony, there is only a small minority of callers who have indicated that they plan on cancelling their PSN accounts. Early rumblings, and a somewhat skewed survey, were suggesting that Sony might see a large number of their PSN population make the switch to another system, but it turns out, as of yet, that is not the case.

There are several items to take note of with this Sony reveal in order to ensure that it is not misunderstood. While Sony is reporting that account cancellations are few and far between, the company has only indicated their source for monitoring these incidents is via call centers.

Since the PlayStation Network service comes free of charge there are most likely a large number of users who simply up and abandoned the PS3 without cancelling their account. Furthermore, there is also another segment that might feel that calling a help center to voice their displeasure is an unnecessary step on the way to leaving all things Sony behind.

Not to say that since the PSN was restored that Sony has seen a large number of their users move on, but perhaps the “small percentage” the company is claiming might be a little larger than documentable numbers make possible.

Either way Sony is doing its best to try to make those users who have felt scorned by the PlayStation hack rest easy that the company is making large strides to secure their information and compensate their lost gaming time. Whether or not the aftermath of the whole event will lead to a mass exodus is yet to be determined, but as of now the waters, according to Sony, are fairly calm.

Have you or anybody you know cancelled their PSN account in favor of another console? Do you think that Sony is downplaying the amount of users they have seen move on?

Source: Wall Street Journal (via CVG)

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