Sony to Officially Announce Xperia Play at Mobile World Congress

PlayStation Phone Xperia Play Official Announcement

The not-so-secret secret that Sony has been laying low about is going to be officially announced (read: admitted) at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Sunday, February 13th at 1pm Eastern.The fabled "PlayStation Phone" has been a story of myth and wonder that transitioned to reality when Engadget unofficially got their hands on one of the devices in the form of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. Shortly thereafter, the commercial for the device that was set to premiere during the Super Bowl was leaked online before the kickoff was even decided.

Despite the convincing hands-on of the device and the commercial which only teased an Android and PlayStation partnership, there still has not been an official announcement of Sony revealing the phone itself. The aforementioned official announcement is what we can finally expect the technology giant to own up to once and for all this Sunday.

Details that have hit the web in the past few weeks are, obviously, yet to be confirmed by Sony, but we can expect a few of them to be pretty accurate, if not spot on.

PlayStation Phone Xperia Play Announcement

The form factor of the phone will most likely be the final design based on the press photos and the hints during the commercial with the Android surgically adding opposable thumbs seems to be a nod towards the inclusion of the analog stick controls.

Also, through the hands-on you get a peek at what the gaming interface looks like for browsing titles, a la "PlayStation Pocket". This confirms that there will be some form of game store or home for your installed titles.

The title of "PlayStation Pocket" and the look of the interface could be totally different upon launch, being that the leaked device was most likely a prototype with a test build of the store front.

Looks like we'll find out for sure this Sunday at the Mobile World Congress and hopefully we will get some confirmation on what titles will be available, as well as which generation the PlayStation titles the device will support.

Are you interested in the Xperia Play? Would it make you switch from your iPhone, current Android or other mobile device? What are your expectations and hopes for the Xperia Play? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Joystiq

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