PlayStation boss Scott Rohde confirms that Sony won’t retire the Infamous franchise, but remains aloof on what Sucker Punch Productions are currently working on.

The Infamous series has always had a big following, although it ironically isn’t often counted among Sony’s highest selling franchises. Last year, Infamous: Second Son was able to achieve great sales back when the PlayStation 4 closed in on being just 6 months old, no doubt helped by launching in a window with almost no immediate competition on rival consoles, and the fact that the game itself came highly polished and highly acclaimed.

The Infamous franchise has remained quiet since the First Light downloadable content released more than a year ago, leaving fans to ponder on if developer Sucker Punch Productions is now focusing on a new IP. We wouldn’t be shocked to hear about a potential return to Sly Cooper, considering Sucker Punch Productions is the original creator of the popular franchise, and the latest entry to the series by Sanzaru Games received a slightly less favorable reaction compared to Sucker Punch’s original works.

PlayStation boss Scott Rhode recently responded to questions based on the future of the Infamous series, but merely confirmed that Sony will never officially retire any of their intellectual properties, and that another Infamous game is always on the cards:

We’re never going to retire an IP. We’re always going to be open to [making more Infamous games]. That’s about the best way I can answer that.

Though the answer neither confirms nor denies that Sucker Punch Productions may be working on a brand new IP instead of continuing the Infamous franchise, Rohde did say that whatever they’re working on ‘was fun’. It’s not much to go on – and Scott would certainly be in for trouble if he said anything else about a Sony-based franchise – but at least it was better than no comment at all.

Shying away from talks about Infamous, Rohde segued the conversation into Sony’s Santa Monica studio, who produced the latest God of War and are currently working on a brand new title. Similarly to his experience with Sucker Punch Productions, Scott had just recently visited the studio in Santa Monica to play an internal version of their new game, although he wasn’t ready to comment further about his hands-on experience:

The smile on my face is because I just can’t wait to tell you about it. [We’re] super excited about the progress, it’s just not the time to tell you.

It’s standard practice for executives to remain tight-lipped on product development until the time is right to make an announcement, but at the very least, Infamous fans who may have been worried that the series had reached a conclusion can rest easy for the time being.

Infamous: Second Son released in 2014 for PlayStation 4. There’s currently no word of an official sequel, but it sounds like the series is more or less guaranteed to return sooner or later.

Source: Kinda Funny Games