During E3 2012, Sony announced its “peripheral for a peripheral,” Wonderbook.  While the PlayStation Move add-on has caught some flak from the gaming public, the device has potential – and we’ll be able to find out just how much when it releases this November.

Sony has announced the official release date of Wonderbook to be November 13th, 2012 for North American PS3 owners. At launch, gamers can pick up the Wonderbook in a bundle with the PlayStation Eye Camera and PlayStation Move controller. The bundle also comes with the game Book of Spells, which was written by J.K Rowling.

Gamers who already own the PlayStation Move hardware can purchase Wonderbook and Book of Spells  separately. The full Move bundle will retail for $79.99, with the barebones packaged being offered at a very reasonable price of $39.99. Say what you will about Wonderbook, but at $39.99 the hardware starts to sound very attractive. Not to mention, a low price point could cause the game to become an impulse by for on-the-fence Move owners.

Wonderbook Release Date

In the first Wonderbook dev diary, Sony’s London Studio explains that the hardware actually had its origins in the early days of the PS3 – gamers may recall that the initial Move technology had been in development long before its 2009 release. The technology inside Wonderbook was built off the foundation created by another London Studio game, Eye Pet. The augmented reality game allowed Move owners to take care of a virtual pet, with the game’s AR card technology becoming the groundwork for Wonderbook.

Much like Eye Pet, Wonderbook hasn’t exactly been welcomed with open arms. Both the hardware and software – impressive as the technology may be – isn’t appealing to core gamers. However, it’s not supposed to be. Wonderbook is definitely aimed at a younger audience, and while upcoming games like Diggs Nightcrawler look to be built for gamers of all ages, it just doesn’t make sense to hate the hardware when it’s not even being marketed to the core demographic.

Okay fine, I’m just trying to justify buying it for that BBC Dinosaur game coming next year.

Wonderbook and Book of Spells release on November 13th, 2012 for the PS3.

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Source: PlayStation Blog