Freelance artist Ioan Dumitrescu posts concept art online of what appears to be a Sony-developed first-person shooter game set in the Wild West for PlayStation VR.

At this point, it’s no secret that Sony is planning on making big moves in the virtual reality market later this year when the company launches PlayStation VR. However, the games lineup for PlayStation VR has left something to be desired, with games like an on-rails Until Dawn spin-off failing to build much┬áhype for Sony’s new device. Luckily, some recently discovered concept art could hint that Sony is planning on making a far more ambitious game for its virtual reality device.

The concept art was created by freelance artist Ioan Dumitrescu. The art, posted on his ArtStation page over a year ago, depicts a Wild West game of some sort, complete with a train falling off a bridge while a shootout is going on inside of it. While not a lot of information can be gleaned from the art itself, some additional information about Dumitrescu has led some to speculate that the game is an FPS built specifically for PlayStation VR.

This is because Dumitrescu’s past work with Sony also involved him tackling a virtual reality game. In the past, Dumitrescu helped create the PlayStation VR luge demo, so it would make sense for Dumitrescu to continue working with Sony in the VR space. As for the FPS speculation, the image of the train interior appears to be from the first-person perspective of another character, and the bullet holes everywhere indicate that a shootout is going on.

In the early days of the new VR renaissance, on-rails shooters will probably be a dime a dozen, so hopefully whatever project this is avoids taking that route. After all, the on-rails nature of the Until Dawn spin-off Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is likely to blame for fan apathy towards the game, despite the fact that Until Dawn was a surprise hit last year, and a full-fledged FPS in the VR space would probably be more impressive anyway.

Of course, there’s a chance that this project doesn’t even exist anymore. Since the concept art has been posted on Dumitrescu’s ArtStation page for over a year, it’s possible that it was canned, or took a different direction. Artists usually have to agree to keep their work on in-development games secret, but this wouldn’t be the first time someone slipped up.

With E3 2016 right around the corner, and a big VR presence promised there, there’s a chance that we’ll get an official announcement for this mystery game. At that point, hopefully we’ll learn whether or not it’s a first-person shooter, if it’s on rails, and if it is a VR title at all.

Source: ArtStation (via VG 24/7)