Sony Teases Gamers With A New Site Showing A Desert

While gamers have a good idea of what to expect from Sony in the coming weeks – as they unveil new games and technology at E3 2011, there is still room for many surprising announcements.

It seems as if one of these announcements may be coming early for gamers. According to a mysterious page that has shown up on Sony’s official website, there is a counter that appears to be counting down to what could only be some sort of reveal coming this Wednesday.

Located on Sony‘s mysterious new page, a man can be seen endlessly walking through a desert. Moving your mouse to the sides of the screen as well as the top and bottom pans the camera slightly, but there is little more than a man walking (or running if you click on him) through the desert. What could this desert scene mean or relate to? What will it reveal when the counter ends on Wednesday?

One distinct possibility is that this page is leading up to a reveal pertaining to a game which has already been established. For most gamers, the first game that would come to mind is the upcoming Uncharted 3. Not only does the title focus primarily on a desert motif – but its protagonist is also a male who wears similarly baggy clothes. Regardless, this is probably not the case as a website for Uncharted 3 has already been unveiled.

A more likely candidate though, is thatgamecompany‘s upcoming adventure title Journey. While Uncharted 3 seems to focus on the desert motif, the whole premise of Journey is centered around a player walking across the desert – as they pursue the mountains on the horizon. This would fit with the mysterious website much better as the only feature of the site is a man walking through a desert endlessly, much like the game. That said, the character and art style in Journey are very different from the man in the website… so anything is possible.

Journey PS3 thatgamecompany

The thought that it could be a completely new game being announced is unlikely. With a Sony-produced game, Journey, that almost perfectly fits the image of the website, it would not be likely to see them putting out something so similar – when the other game doesn’t even have a release date yet.

Could this mean that by midweek, gamers may have a release date for the incredibly interesting Journey? What do you think Sony’s new site is teasing?

Source: Andriasang