Sony Wants Your Input on PS2 Emulation Games for PS4

Sony encourages fans to put forward their picks for PS2 emulation on PS4, with iconic franchises such as TimeSplitters and Tekken proving to be the most popular.

Last month, Sony confirmed that PS2 emulation would be available on PS4, much to fans' delight. Instead of just being a cut and dry port to Sony's current-gen console, the PS4's PS2 emulation tech bumps up the visuals on those aging games and lets fans play them in HD and the titles also get trophy support too.

So far, just a handful of games have gotten the emulation treatment including several Star Wars titles, as well as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Dark Cloud and a handful of others. But with so many other games being released on PS2, Sony has now turned to PlayStation fans to decide which PS2 games should land on PS4 next.

Dave Thach, the PlayStation Worldwide Studios America International Software Development & SpecOps head, kicked off the #PS2PS4 campaign on Twitter, encouraging fans to tweet with the hashtag in order for Sony to "easily aggregate" the requests. As Sony has to get the PS2 games rated again for emulation and with licensing also being a big issue (Rockstar previously cited licensing as a reason why Red Dead Redemption hasn't come to Xbox One via backward compatibility) it's not guaranteed that all of the games requested will be emulated and it may take a while for them to show up too, but fans will be glad to see that the company is listening to them at least.

TimeSplitters PS2 emulation PS4

One obvious problem with Thach's hashtag idea is that it makes it incredibly difficult to figure which game is the most popular as there's no official breakdown of how many people are tweeting their support; but there are a few franchises that seem to be popping up more than most. One of these is TimeSplitters, with the madcap first-person shooter series being the go-top multiplayer franchise before Call of Duty became the juggernaut that it is today. The Tekken series also seems to be quite popular, which makes sense given that Tekken 7, which will be coming to PS4 with PlayStation VR support, doesn't yet have a western release date.

However, while some fans are doing their best to drum up support for their favorite games (thus increasing the likelihood of Sony choosing their submission), not everyone is happy. While the emulation process appears to have gone smoothly in North America, European PS4 players say that their versions of the emulated games are sub-par, with slowdown and frame-pacing issues being reported. It's currently unclear what Sony is doing to fix these problems and European PlayStation fans hope that Sony will address these before working on adding to the PS2/PS4 emulation library.

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