Rumor: Sony Preparing to Cut Price for PS Vita & PS4

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This console generation, the PlayStation 4 is absolutely dominating the charts, with its last reported sales figures topping over 20.2 million units total. Considering the PlayStation 3’s sluggish start, the PS4 is a marked improvement and a great success for Sony; the console even beat the ultra-popular New 3DS XL in the Japanese marketplace last week.

Unfortunately, Sony’s other eighth generation platform, the PlayStation Vita, isn’t experiencing the same success. Sony barely supports the device, and it is being steamrolled in the marketplace by its chief competitor, the Nintendo 3DS.

Even though the PS4 has a significant lead in the console sales race, the console doesn’t always win the sales month to month battle – for example, this April, the Xbox One sold more units. This upset can largely be attributed to various promotions that offer the Xbox One for $350, a significant drop from its $400 or $500 suggested retail price, and well below the PlayStation 4’s $400 MSRP.

Now, a new rumor suggests that Sony may be making a move to make both the PS4 and the PlayStation Vita more enticing to budget-minded gamers.

PS Vita - Refund

The rumor comes from Sony’s PlayStation retail loyalty site, which is currently holding a contest for people to win a PlayStation 4 or a PS Vita. While the contest itself isn’t out of the ordinary, the promotion lists the suggested retail value of the Vita as $89, not $200, and the PS4’s price as $350, not $400.

This could be nothing, or it could be evidence that Sony is planning major price drops for its two eighth generation systems. Dropping the PS Vita’s price by $110, and lowering the overall cost to below $100, could convince wary consumers to take the plunge. Meanwhile, cutting $50 from the PS4’s price would target the people who are choosing Xbox One over PS4 due to the former’s frequently discounted price tag.

Ultimately, if such a price drop occurs for either system, expect Sony to make an announcement at E3. Sony’s E3 press conference is scheduled to take place on June 15th at 6pm PDT. Fans can view the event online using a number of streaming services, or watch the event on a big screen from the comfort of a movie theater.

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