Sony Trademarks 'Move Into the Action' Slogan

If you thought Sony's previous "Make.Believe" Playstation 3 slogan was the worst thing you'd heard in your life, we certainly wouldn't blame you.  "Make" referred to the user-creation element present in all of two games - LittleBigPlanet and Mod Nation Racers - and "Believe" is just whimsical nonsense that doesn't apply to anything. 

It appears Sony's days of inappropriate slogans appear to be coming to an end, however.  According to Siliconera, Sony recently trademarked the slogan "move into the action".  It's actually not that bad if, as we suspect, it has anything at all to do with the Playstation Move motion controller. It's brief, it's tight, it's to the point, and it encapsulates everything Sony wants to convey about the Move in four words, including the actual word "move". The 'into the action' part suggests a greater sense of immersion, which the Move surely will provide, and which I'm certain Sony really wants to hammer home..

So far there is nothing from official channels that confirms there is a link between this slogan and the Playstation Move;  this is all hunch.  Our collective Game Rant hunch, yes, but still just a hunch.  That being said, I'll stake my reputation on the fact that we'll see posters commanding you to "move into the action" plastered over every vertical surface at E3 this year.

Ranters: Is Sony on the right track with this slogan, or are catchy slogans just pish-posh you don't pay any attention to?

The Playstation Move is currently slated for a Fall 2010 release exclusively for the Playstation 3.

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