Sony Reveals Tokyo Game Show 2019 Plans

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Every year, game developers from all around the world gather in Tokyo for the Tokyo Game Show, or TGS. And while the show typically centers on Japanese games, there are still plenty of developers that bring western titles too, including Sony, which has finally revealed its line up for 2019's TGS, running from September 12th through the 15th.

Sony will have playable demos of a variety of games at its booth, including Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Nioh 2, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Death Stranding will also make an appearance with Sony in the form of gameplay shown at a mega-theater. It was recently confirmed that Death Stranding can be played in first-person, so Sony may be showing off some of that. There will also be several VR demos available to try. All in all, it's a pretty healthy line up of games, with something for everyone to enjoy.

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Most notably, Sony didn't announce a pre-TGS press conference this year, which it typically does. Sony wasn't at E3 either, indicating that the company is still holding its cards for some bigger reveal. This will likely go along with an official debut of the PlayStation 5, which has been confirmed for some time but never officially shown off on-stage. Sony has been incredibly quiet over the past year, remaining rather cryptic about which games will be released when, driving speculation that many anticipated exclusives will be PS5 launch games, or at least in the launch window.

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TGS is usually an interesting time for games. With big new releases peppering the last few months and the holiday season, there should be quite a bit of cool news emerging from the show about tons of different games. Hopefully, Sony will surprise fans and debut new gameplay for The Last of Us 2 or some other major exclusive. The Last of Us 2 gameplay was shown off at a GameStop Expo for the company's employees and management, so there's at least something new that Sony could tease.

At least fans can look forward to new gameplay from the titles that Sony is packing along, even if we have seen some them pretty extensively already. There's always the chance of some surprising new footage, but it probably wouldn't be wise to get any hopes up, as it seems unlikely that will happen.

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