With the PS4‘s release looming in the horizon, Sony presumably only has a few current-gen exclusives left before they turn their full attention to the next-gen. One of the most highly anticipated titles from among Sony’s exclusives is The Last of Us – Naughty Dog’s survival shooter/third person action game.

For Sony fans, The Last of Us looks to be something pretty special, and if recent domain name registrations are any indication, Sony is hoping the title is big. The game doesn’t even hit stores until June, but Sony is already planning for (potentially) two more after the first game.

Video game super sleuth Superannuation first spotted domains for The Last of Us 2 and The Last of Us 3 online, but it’s unclear when they were registered. He cites Sony‘s private registrar as being responsible for the domains, but it’s entirely possible they were registered as a preventive measure alongside the first game’s official site. After all, we don’t even know if the game’s main characters, Joel and Ellie, survive the viral outbreak.

If The Last of Us is anything like Uncharted, or even Jak and Daxter, I’d gladly accept as many sequels as Naughty Dog is willing to make. At the same time, I hope Naughty Dog had the freedom to develop a singular experience with a definitive ending, especially if that means a better narrative.

While sequel talk abounds, there are also rumors circulating that suggest The Last of Us dev team is also working on a new IP, which may or may not be titled The Order: 1866. In fact, an image seen briefly in a behind-the-scenes video for The Last of Us featured two characters in older-style clothing. And, wouldn’t you know it, Sony also registered several domains for The Order: 1866. Perhaps we’ll hear more about this game at E3.

[NOTE: We know that The Last of Us story spoilers have been circulating the web so tread lightly when looking for more details about this game]

Would you like to see The Last of Us become a franchise? Or do you think a game like this is better as a one-off experience?

The Last of Us releases June 14, 2013 exclusively for the PS3.

Source: Kotaku