Sony TGS Lineup

The Tokyo Games Show occurs in just a few weeks, and Sony will be bringing all it can to Japan’s premiere games convention. Sony will be showing over fifty games, though that does include multiplatform titles like Battlefield 3 and Dragon’s Dogma.

While there will be a lot of PS3 titles at the show, the focus is on the Vita. The system will be playable at TGS, and Sony will be showing off thirty-one titles for the handheld, including eighteen that are currently unannounced.

One quick look at the list and any gamer should be able pick out at least one game they are sure to enjoy. Sony’s lineup includes games for shooter fans, RPG lovers and more — a strength that will certainly help out the PlayStation brand in the years to come.

While some gamers often complain about the oversaturation of the shooter market, one can clearly see that there are games for everybody on this list, including the oft-clamored for JRPG genre. Take a look at the full list of announced titles below.

PlayStation 3 (18 Games Total)

PSP (5 Games Total)

PlayStation Vita (13 Games Total Plus 18 Unannounced)

While some gamers may express disappointment at only five PSP titles making the cut, they must realize that the handheld is nearing the end of its lifecycle. Even if the PSP continues to be produced and sold, chances are that high profile releases won’t make it to the handheld as frequently as they used to. However, titles like Yakuza: Black Panther 2 should be quite engaging and offer hours of gameplay for those looking to get some use out of the PSP before the release of the PlayStation Vita.

As to the Vita, the amount of work Sony is putting into building the handheld’s  library is incredible. For now, the 3DS lacks the diverse library of the long-dominant DS, which may give Sony an advantage when it comes to the Vita. After all, games are what sell a system, and with over thirty-one games already in development, the Vita may be able to take a significant chunk out of Nintendo’s market share.

Sony has made a lot of noise recently, announcing a price cut on the PS3 and a new PSP model at Gamescom, and revealing the Sony Entertainment Network. With such a colossal lineup of games in tow, it looks they will maintain their momentum at this year’s Tokyo Games Show.

Are you excited for the Tokyo Games Show? And what do you think the Vita titles could be? A new Jak and Daxter? More Syphon Filter? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Siliconera

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