Sony-Based Studio Pixelopus To Show Off Debut Title At E3

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A great deal of the excitement generated by the yearly E3 trade show in Los Angeles is due to the announcement or subsequent information surrounding high-profile releases, but the introduction of new studios can be an equally exciting experience. As of yet, much of the speculation surrounding the upcoming event has focused on larger developers. An interesting new addition to the E3 roster — Pixelopus — could potentially make waves with their debut though.

Born in large part from the game design program at Carnegie Mellon University, many of the minds behind Pixelopus worked with Sony Computer Entertainment America Executive Producer Alex Lee as part of their course. These students worked to develop game prototypes for the PlayStation Vita and evidently showed a great deal of promise as some of the graduates of this program have been hired by Sony.

While there is no word yet on what their first title will entail, The New York Times reports that its unveiling will occur at E3 — most likely at Sony’s own press conference. Despite being purely speculation at this time, there’s a good chance that whatever this title is, could be making its way to the Vita considering the pedigree of the Carnegie Mellon alumni on staff. With lesser-known titles like OlliOlli and Luftrausers finding a comfortable home on the handheld, this could be another chance for Sony to push sales of the hardware.

Regardless of what the announcement entails, it’s clear that Lee sees these design programs and the skills of young developers as an important part of growth within the industry:

“Historically, I’ve always been aware of these programs… It’s only in recent years that they’ve become meaningful.”

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While the impact has yet to truly reach critical mass yet, it’s a good sign to see Sony putting so much stock in young, talented developers. Their Indie Game Development Pub Fund was a step in the right direction with visible support being given to indie games – particularly the recently-released Sportfriends – and it’s clear that they see and are willing to nurture the potential of these smaller development teams.

With just under two weeks left until E3 kicks off, the wait won’t be much longer now. Considering Pixelopus’ strong connection to Sony through Alex Lee, it’s probable that the reveal of this game will take place during the company’s yearly press conference. Outside of a port of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, the Sony camp has been eerily quiet pre-E3. With the event quickly approaching, however, it’s likely that that will change, so keep your eyes and ears open.

What platform do you think Pixelopus is developing their debut title for? What smaller development studios would you like to see in the spotlight at E3?


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Source: The New York Times