We already know that Sony has plans to make good with the slighted PlayStation Network users who have now gone almost a month without any services coming back online, but until now there has been no official word from Sony about Sony Online Entertainment compensation. Gamers are getting antsy, so Sony has finally divulged information regarding what SOE will be awarding its users for suffering through the past few weeks as their subscriptions waste away.

Expectedly, every subscriber to a Sony Online Entertainment product will receive a free 30 day period of game time, along with one free day for each day the game has been offline. Additionally, many developers are offering in-game items and events for all returning players. These compensations apply for both PC and PS3 gamers.

For all of you MMO fans out there, these are the specifics of what each game will have in store for you once SOE is fully functional once again:

  • DC Universeâ„¢ OnlineBatmanâ„¢ and Two-Faceâ„¢ Inspired Masks and 30 Marks of Distinction
  • Free Realms®: Free daily items (7 to collect)
  • Clone Wars Adventuresâ„¢: Count Dooku v2 Outfit
  • EverQuest®: A series of events, including Double XP, Double Rare Mob Spawns and Double Faction Gains
  • EverQuest II and EverQuest II Extended: A series of events, including Double XP, Double Guild XP, Loot Bonanza, and City Festivals
  • Vanguard: Saga of Heroes®: A series of Double XP events
  • Star Wars Galaxiesâ„¢: Bounty Hunter Statue, a miniature model of Boba Fett’s ship, the Slave Iâ„¢
  • Magic: The Gathering – Tacticsâ„¢: Four of each of these spells: “Ivory Mask”, “Duress” and “Angelheart Vial”, plus 500 Station Cash
  • PoxNora®: Limited edition Carrionling, Welcome Back 5K Gold Award Tournaments and two Draft Tournaments, plus 500 Station Cash

Several of the SOE titles have offered lifetime subscriptions in the past. These subscribers will receive in-game currency: 20,000 coins for Free Realms, 7,500 Galactic Credits for Clone Wars Adventures, and 10 Marks of Distinction for DC Universe Online. Station Access subscribers will receive an additional 500 Station Cash.

Although these goodies do make the wait slightly less unbearable, gamers want to know that Sony has the future of their security in mind:

“SOE has made arrangements with Debix, Inc., one of the industry’s most reputable identity protection firms, to offer AllClear ID PLUS at no cost to Station Account holders for 12 months from the time an account holder registers for the program.”

Station Account holders will be sent an email soon, and will have until June 28, 2011 to sign-up for the service free of charge. Debix will only be serving US citizens with Station Accounts, but Sony assures all SOE users that they will be covered by programs around the world to ensure their security is in the right hands.

SOE employees are currently hard at work to get the network back up and running. They expect to finish upgrading the network within the next few days. If all goes accordingly, SOE should be back in action some time next week, giving its user base plenty of time to sign up for identity protection.

Do you think the Sony Online Entertainment return program is enough to bring back the millions of gamers who have been unable to play online for almost a month? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: SOE