5 Things We Expect from a Sony 'Smash Bros.' Game

Sony Smash Bros Concept

Rumor has it that Sony is hard at work on a Smash Bros.-inspired clone for the PlayStation 3, and it will feature many different fan favorite characters from the Sony stable. This alleged report spawns from The Paul Gale Network, and while the game is still far from official, it got everyone here at Game Rant thinking about what we would like to see in Sony's spin on such a beloved franchise.

Obviously there would be a few significant differences between Sony and Nintendo's versions, and there are a few things we'd like to see Sony do to make their product as good, if not better, than Super Smash Bros.. There is always room for improvement (that much is evident by the nine things we would like to see in Super Smash Bros. 4), and Sony is going to need to jump through several hoops in order to assure fans that they're capable of creating an experience that is on par with the game they're drawing inspiration from.

While the rumors begin to float around about the PlayStation character reunion, we are still left without any concrete details. That's why we've created a list of the five things we expect from Sony's new potential blockbuster franchise. Without any further introduction, here are the top five things we think we'll see when Sony officially announces their take on Smash Bros..


Heroes on the Move PS3

5. Expect a Name Change

The most obvious item on the entire list. Nintendo owns the rights to the "Smash Bros." name, so Sony is going to have to come up with an original brand that they can use for this new, and likely planned, franchise. Names such as 'Sony Smash-Up' and 'PlayStation Party' seem like very plausible titles for the game.

Sony Smash-Up does have a nice ring to it too, if I do say so myself. The creators of PlayStation will definitely be working through a list of possible names if the game is legitimately in development, but few people are going to really cares what it's called — so long as it's not too long before we know when we can get our hands on it.


PlayStation 3 Sony Smash Bros Gameplay

4. Different Gameplay Mechanics

Smash Bros. separated itself from other fighting games by allowing four-player simultaneous play, and a new king of the hill-esque way of combat. The ability to play with three other friends at the same time is what made the game so appealing, and it's likely that this new Sony-made game would feature very similar mechanics. Of course, Sony isn't going to copy the game code-for-code, they're going to want something that separates their game from the competition.

The end result may be that characters are given health bars, or the game may even resemble Marvel vs. Capcom more than it does Smash. Until Sony reveals a trailer or a handful of screenshots, there's absolutely no way to tell where they're going with this unannounced project. However, fans should rest assured that it will noticeably mix up the traditional formula.


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