More Evidence Points Towards Existence of Sony Smash Bros. Clone

Sony Smash Bros Clone More Evidence

The plot has officially thickened in the ongoing rumor that Sony is working on a Super Smash Bros. clone that would feature some of its many franchise stars. For those that remember, this rumor starting gaining ground when the Paul Gale Network broke the news.

This past week a member of the development team for this game, SuperBot Entertainment, has tweeted out some photos and details that corroborate the existence of this high profile fighter as featuring classic Sony stars. Unfortunately, the juiciest of those photos, which features Twisted Metal’s Sweet Tooth in some stage of development, has been taken down, but there’s still more evidence that says all systems are go.

Among those pieces of evidence is a tweet from SuperBot member Chris Molina, which points to Sony’s ‘Michael’ trailer as indicative of the developer’s next project. Molina also tweeted out photos of him and some other SuperBot members playing with console arcade peripherals, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are working on a Sony Smash Bros. clone.

Sony Smash Bros. Sweet Tooth

Obviously fans of Sony’s many popular franchises — from Uncharted to Killzone — are hoping and praying that this Sony Smash Bros. clone is in the works, and thankfully more signs are pointing to their prayers being answered than not, but it's still early. It’s a smart move on Sony’s part to capitalize on this idea sooner rather than later, especially given the prevalence of fighters during this past year.

Nintendo has promised a new Smash Bros. proper is on the way, so it would behoove Sony to try and steal their competition's thunder with a similarly appealing title. Nonetheless this is still a rumor, but if SuperBot Entertainment is, in fact, working on a fighter starring some of Sony’s classic heroes then, according to Molina, more news should be on the way.

What would you like to see out of a Smash Bros. clone featuring Sony characters? Which Sony franchise stars (other than those already mentioned) would you like to see on the character list?

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