Shadow of the Colossus needs no introduction: the massively popular title from Team Ico goes down as one of PlayStation 2’s best games ever, and it’s something that fans have been desperately wanting a successor to on the PlayStation 4. While Sony has kept quiet about any potential sequel or 4K remaster, it has now come to light that the company has trademarked Shadow of the Colossus – and other titles – mere hours before Sony’s E3 2017 Press Conference is due to begin.

The trademark filing comes a day after a NeoGAF user posted that Sony’s conference would have a “colossal announcement,” though what this truly pertains to remains to be seen. The trademark filing could mean anything from a brand new sequel from Team Ico to remaster of the original game, and it’s even possible that the trademark won’t change anything at all for the E3 2017 conference at large – though the timing of this filing certainly suggests that a Shadow of the Colossus announcement is imminent.

Shadow Of The Colossus Trademark Filing

Of course, Shadow of the Colossus isn’t the only trademark that Sony has filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office today. The company has also filed trademark requests for Team Bravo, Frantics, The Inpatient, and the phrase Knowledge is Power. This indicates that some new intellectual properties may be afoot, although Team Bravo could potentially mark the return of the SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals franchise that had its heyday during the PS2 era.

After Microsoft’s press conference extended beyond 90 minutes, Sony fans will be hoping that the PlayStation producer can deliver a range of competitive high-profile titles tonight. Bringing Shadow of the Colossus to the forefront of this would certainly help things along, and would explain what Team Ico has been doing ever since The Last Guardian released last December. Given how hungry fans have been for more news from this intellectual property, the studio certainly has big shoes to fill if it wishes to go forward in this regard. As the producers of Mass Effect: Andromeda can surely attest to, this is no small task.

In any event, we will have to wait until the Sony E3 2017 Conference tonight to find out if the Shadow Of The Colossus trademark filing is a red herring or not – but one could be forgiven for getting their hopes up.

Do you think Sony will show a remaster or sequel for Shadow Of The Colossus tonight, Ranters?

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While Sony has filed a trademark for Shadow of the Colossus, no further information has come to light at this time.

Source: European Union Intellectual Property Office