Sony Renews 'Twisted Metal' Trademark; Is a New Game on the Way?

Last month, Sony caused something of an uproar amongst its fans when it allowed the trademark for long-awaited Shadow of the Colossus follow-up, The Last Guardian, to expire for a brief period of time. Now, the company's trademarking habits are producing a different kind of buzz — as they would seem to suggest that the Twisted Metal series might be set to make a return.

Since the series debuted back in 1995, the Twisted Metal games have travelled a long and winding road of vehicular carnage. From the excellent duo of titles that defined the series in its early years, to the misguided sequels of the late nineties, and on to its critically acclaimed but commercially unsuccessful run of titles in the 2000's, fans of the franchise have seen plenty of ups and downs.

The most recent entry in the series aped fellow nineties behemoth Mortal Kombat by going back to basics with its title and offering a fleshed-out single-player campaign alongside its much-loved multiplayer modes. Fans and press alike were quick to praise 2012's Twisted Metal, despite its technical issues with online play, but the game struggled to reach mainstream audiences outside of fans of the series.

Twisted Metal Review gameplay truck jump

With this in mind, it seemed that Twisted Metal might be heading for a fate as bleak as the similarly beloved Wipeout series. However, Twisted Metal has one thing that Wipeout could never claim: a varied and memorable cast of characters. That's something that fans always loved about the games, and it's one of the reasons that they've continued to support the series even during long gaps between releases.

Even as recently as this month, Twisted Metal poster boy Sweet Tooth was being teased as a possible guest character for Mortal Kombat X by Ed Boon. The killer clown also appeared in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and much of the promotional materials that Sony released for the 20th anniversary of the PlayStation brand.

Twisted Metal is a classic PlayStation franchise, and as such it's not one that Sony is going to let go without good reason. This trademark renewal could well be a formality to keep the series in reserve if it's needed, but it could also be a sign that there's something new on its way.

Would you play a new Twisted Metal game? Or is this one series that's best left to the past? Let us know in the comments section below.

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