Sony Releases New 'SOCOM 4' Solo Trailer

SOCOM 4 Solo Trailer

With the launch of SOCOM 4 happening later this month, a new 'Solo' trailer has recently been released that showcases the single player campaign of the game. This new trailer is meant to show just how much the narrative storytelling method has evolved for newest entry in the long-running SOCOM series.

It has been over five years since SOCOM 3 was released on the PS3, so players can expect Zipper Interactive along with Sony Computer Entertainment to bring something new to their franchise. In SOCOM 4, players will be playing as Cullen Gray, the Operations Commander who will be leading his special forces unit caught in the middle of a civil war in South Asia.

Players itching to find out more about the Operations Commander and his team must check the trailer out below:


Travis Steiner, the Lead Designer at Zipper Interactive, mentioned that they were able to tell Cullen Gray's personal story, the story of his teammates and also how they work together as a team. The Ops Commander's unit consists of five soldiers, including himself. The other members of the team are:

  • Wells - veteran soldier who has seen it all on the battlefield and is also second-in-command.
  • Schweitzer - provides suppressor support.
  • Chung & 45 - 45 is a Korean special operations soldier who specializes in covert actions and she appears to be partnered up with Chung.

It appears that players will start off with three members of the team and later on in the game, meet the other two. The unit's goal in SOCOM 4 is to extract their team out of the South Asia and if they can, complete their team's original mission which isn't delved into in this particular trailer.

What Zipper Interactive really succeeds in with this trailer is that the narrative storytelling really has an enhanced cinematic feel to it. Part of how they were able to accomplish that when developing the game was to minimize the on-screen HUD and to include bigger events throughout the environment. This also makes it easier to play the game with the PlayStation Move sharp shooter peripheral.

Any players who may be considering checking out SOCOM 4 should read our beta impressions and are welcome to participate in the beta until April 13th. Resistance fans will be glad to know that Sony will be giving access to the Resistance 3 beta to players who purchase SOCOM 4.

SOCOM 4 is scheduled to be released on April 19, 2011 for the PS3.


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