PSPgo(ing) Again?

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The PSPgo hasn’t been what Sony expected. From the steep price point ($249.99) to the requirement to download all games leaving current PSP gamers’ UMDs worthless, the portable console has had its fair share of negative word-of-mouth. In my opinion, it made no sense, whether you owned a PSP or not, to pay that much for the PSPgo when you could either buy the PSP-3000 or pay an extra $50 and spring for a PS3.

Sony however, is going to attempt to reignite excitement over the console with a new marketing campaign in a “relaunch” of the PSPgo, according to sources at Gamervision:

Sources have confirmed with Gamervision that a PSPgo “relaunch” is imminent, complete with a marketing blitz in hopes to rekindle some sort of excitement over the handheld. What else will the relaunch entail? There are a number of possibilities, and there’s little doubt a price drop might be among them.

Sony’s advertisements have been successful and have been enjoyed by Sony product owners and non-owners alike. The attention they have created for the PS3 has pushed the console into the spotlight and helped increase sales, along with the steadily increasing number of quality titles. With PSPgo, it would take the same type of magic but I think it would be a harder sell. A price drop is a must to increase the number of people willing to spend the money on the portable powerhouse. How much should a PSPgo cost? If you have a PSP already, what would it take for you to “trade up”? What would it take for you to recommend a PSPgo to someone without a PSP?

Source: Gamervision

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