Summer means a lot of things. For students, it means a nice long break from the terror that is school. For just about everyone else, it means days of scorching heat, vacations in other countries, reruns on TV, and also, scorching heat. For gamers, it typically means something of a – no pun intended – dry period, with very few new releases coming out and a long wait before the holiday season comes along and the big games start getting released. But, if you’re looking for something to play during the blistering hot days, you may be in luck, as Sony is announcing a sale on a number of games starting next week.

Starting next Tuesday, July 12th, eleven games for the PS3 will go on sale on PSN, at 30% off for normal users and 50% off for Playstation Plus subscribers. The games, along with their respective prices, are as follows:

The sale will only last for the week and will come to an end on Tuesday, July 19th.

The selection of games leaves a bit to be desired. Granted, there are some pretty good deals, like being able to get all five episodes of the Back to the Future game in one purchase. Still, outside of that, Dead Space, Scott Pilgrim, and possibly Pac-Man, there aren’t exactly many must-buy games. It makes one wonder why Sony went with these games specifically, rather than more well-known titles.

It brings to mind the “Welcome Back” deal that Sony made after the PSN hacking. One or two games that were must-have, three more that weren’t as much, and a month of PlayStation Plus, which meant anything you downloaded from it would be gone once the time was up. If this is Sony’s way of trying to bring back gamers who lost faith in them after the hacking, they might have a harder time than expected.

What do you think of the selection of titles for this sale? Will you be buying any of the above games once the sale begins?

Source: Sony