Throughout this nightmare that has been the PlayStation Network outage, the most terrifying truth Sony has unveiled is undoubtedly the potential leak of everyone’s credit card information. Rumors have spread like wildfire throughout the gaming community regarding the fate of all this very sensitive information, but in Sony’s recent press conference, they were able to provide some comforting news amidst the turmoil.

One of the first questions many PSN users asked after the attack was whether or not Sony would be willing to reimburse those who took the advice originally offered by Sony, and replaced their credit cards.

Keep in mind, there is no definite proof one way or the other that credit card information has been stolen. Regardless, Sony has released the following statement regarding plans for reimbursement:

“[W]e will consider covering the cost of reissues of new credit cards to affected customers if they wish to do so.”

It doesn’t sound too promising, yet Sony also took time during the weekend press conference to assure everyone that the rumors last week about credit card information being sold online, or even offered to Sony as if the hackers were holding the information ransom, are nothing more than rumors.

This statement is a very small light at the end of the very long tunnel the hacking incident has become. Unfortunately, even with the news that the PSN will be back online in some capacity this week, SOE has now shut down all of their services after what seems to be yet another intrusion into Sony’s infrastructure. They really cannot catch a break.

Do Sony’s plans to appease the millions of angry and scared PlayStation Network users go far enough? Do you think that Sony is really going the distance for their fans considering that the problem seems to not only still be afoot, but also affecting the entire MMO scene as well?

We” keep you up to date on any new developments concerning the PSN and SOE intrusions.

Source: Gamasutra, Joystiq

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