Sony Unveils PSN '12 for '12' Sale

PSN 12 for 12 Sale

There were a lot of games released last year. So many in fact, that chances are you forgot about all of the great downloadable titles. Don't lie, I forgot about them too, but now Sony is giving you a chance to make up for that with the PSN "12 for '12" Sale.

Starting tomorrow - when the PlayStation Store updates - 12 of the most successful PSN titles from last year will be on sale. Regular PlayStation Network users will be able to get the games for 30% off, while PlayStation Plus subscribers will get an additional 20% off, for a total of 50% savings.

Sony has touted that these games are some of the highest rated on PSN, though I find it funny they include Okabu on that list considering it has a 59 Metacritic average. Surely such a game would have been better replaced with Infamous: Festival of Blood or Outland?

Check out the full list:

  • PixelJunk SideScroller — Regular $9.99, Sale $6.99, PS Plus $4.89
  • PAYDAY: The Heist — Regular $19.99, Sale $13.99, PS Plus $9.79
  • Dungeon Defenders — Regular $14.99, Sale $10.49, PS Plus $7.34
  • Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection — Regular $9.99, Sale $6.99, PS Plus $4.89
  • Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition — Regular $14.99, Sale $10.49, PS Plus $7.34
  • Eufloria — Regular $9.99, Sale $6.99, Plus $4.89
  • BloodRayne: Betrayal — Regular $14.99, Sale $10.49, PS Plus $7.34
  • Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken — Regular $11.99, Sale $8.39, PS Plus $5.87
  • Cubixx HD — Regular $9.99, Sale $6.99, PS Plus $4.89
  • Sideway New York — Regular $9.99, Sale $6.99, PS Plus $4.89
  • Rochard — Regular $9.99, Sale $6.99, PS Plus $4.89
  • Okabu — Regular $14.99, Sale $10.49, PS Plus $7.34

There are certainly some great titles on that list. While PAYDAY: The Heist and Eufloria had a few issues, Rochard and Sideway New York were pretty fun, so if you missed out on them during the Steam Holiday Sale, now's your chance to pick them up on PSN. If you're unsure of what to get, check out our reviews of some of the games:

What's great about this sale is that all of the games are 2011 releases, meaning that there should be something there for everybody. There are plenty of times where Sony will offer sales that focus on older content, so giving gamers the chance to purchase recent releases at a lower cost is not only welcome, but something that will certainly benefit them in the future if they plan to do this outside of an annual sale.


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Source: PlayStation Blog

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