PS5 Price Will Be 'Appealing', Says PlayStation Console Architect

why this is the most likely ps5 price point

Oddly absent from Tuesday morning's PlayStation 5 spec and feature breakdown was any mention of the console's price. It seems that Mark Cerny, Sony's lead console architect for the PS5, did mention pricing in his interview with Wired, but it was simply left out. Cerny offered no specific price point, of course, but he did offer some insight into Sony's goals with the PS5. He says that gamers should expect the price point to be "appealing."

In full, Cerny describes the PS5's price as, "appealing to gamers in light of its advanced feature set," when asked how the console will fit into traditional pricing ranges. For comparison's sake, both the PlayStation 4 and the Pro launched at $399, the PlayStation 3 launched at $499 (with a $599 alternative model), and both the PlayStation 2 and original PlayStation launched at $299.

How Much Will the PlayStation 5 Cost?

With regards to the PS5's "advanced feature set," Cerny definitely isn't exaggerating. The PS5's specifications feature both a CPU and GPU from AMD hardware lines that have yet to be released. It's even going to feature a "specialized" Solid State Drive (SSD) optimized for the console. It's not difficult to imagine the cost of this hardware being significant, so when Cerny says the price will be appealing "in light" of the hardware cost, he may very well be implying "despite."

It's that understanding of the PS5's likely expensive hardware that makes Cerny's comments on pricing open to speculation. It's certainly possible that such hardware could drive up the PS5 price to $600, but Cerny likely would avoid language like "appealing" in that case. But since he did say "appealing" then a more understandable price could be somewhere between $400 and $500.

Exactly when Sony will announce the PlayStation 5 price remains a great unknown. The company revealing hardware details about the PS5 in April of all months is a huge surprise. When additional information will be shared is anyone's guess, especially with Sony skipping E3 2019. Whenever Sony plans to announce pricing for the PS5, however, it has now guaranteed that its fans will expect it not just to be fair, but to be appealing.

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