While we know that Sony has plenty of exciting titles in development for the PS4, it’s unclear how many of those games will be available at launch. As Nintendo can attest, a console needs solid launch content in order to hit the ground running.

And thankfully, according to Sony’s Mark Cerny, the PS4 will have just that. As a matter of fact, Cerny believes the PS4’s launch line-up is stronger than any prior PlayStation hardware’s line-up.

While Cerny couldn’t give a title count, he did reveal that the strong line-up was formed, in part, because of developers’ familiarity with the hardware. As Sony revealed at their PlayStation 4 meeting, the new console will feature tech that can be found in most PCs, with a few additional bells and whistles of course.

“The launch lineup for PlayStation 4 — though I unfortunately can’t give the title count — is going to be stronger than any prior PlayStation hardware. And that’s a result of that familiarity.”

Cerny believes that most developers will devote a large portion of the console’s GPU strictly to graphics at first. However, by the middle of the console’s life cycle he thinks developers will become more familiar with the console, and will be able to share the GPU’s power between graphics and compute, meaning games will not only look great but play great as well.

“There are many, many ways to control how the resources within the GPU are allocated between graphics and compute. Of course, what you can do, and what most launch titles will do, is allocate all of the resources to graphics. And that’s perfectly fine, that’s great. It’s just that the vision is that by the middle of the console lifecycle, that there’s a bit more going on with compute.”

Mark Cerny Sony

If trailers for games like inFAMOUS: Second Son or Killzone: Shadow Fall are any indication, games will most definitely look great. Ironically, both of those games are Ps4 launch titles.

So while we are no closer to uncovering the PS4’s full launch line-up, the promise of the strongest lineup yet should get Sony fans excited. Yes, that day 1 selection will likely include a high end PC ports, but there’s also hopefully a few Sony exclusives (Uncharted, God of War) in the pipeline. We should hear more about those games during Sony’s E3 2013 press conference.

Do you think that the PS4 will have the strongest launch line-up for a PlayStation console? What do you hope to see available on day 1?

Sony has not set a release date for the PS4, but it should be out before Christmas 2013.

Source: Gamasutra