Sony Claims PS4 is Winning Back Wii Owners

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It’s no secret that the PS4 is leading the pack when it comes to current generation consoles right now. Sony has built a comfortable lead since launching their device in mid-November, and they have surrendered little ground to the competition since then.

While most would attribute Sony’s early success to their clear messaging, favorable price point, and some poor decisions by their competitor, those likely aren’t the only reasons. In fact, Sony’s Andrew House thinks that the Nintendo Wii may have helped build the PS4’s early lead.

Speaking with Eurogamer at the Develop Conference in the UK, House reveals that the Sony team believes there is a real opportunity to be had by enticing Wii owners. At 100M units sold and counting, the Wii is easily the best-selling console of this last generation, and as House explains, many of those Wii owners skipped out on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

“Our big opportunity is to welcome back an audience much earlier in the lifecycle that possibly bought into the Wii previously.”

Moreover, it’s pretty fair to say that those who turned the Wii into one of the best-selling consoles of all time are not as keen on the Wii U. Which leaves Sony with an opportunity to sell them on the utility of the PS4 as more than just a home console.

“Whether it’s based on this is a really good all-round entertainment device for a family in addition to having great games, our consumer data suggests some of those people are already coming in now and that’s what’s contributing to the really great sales we’ve had.”

The Last of Us Remastered Confirmed

On a similar note, House claims that these Wii converts (and potential converts) have been one of the main driving factors behind Sony’s recent current-gen remake/remaster trend. Since many of these gamers missed out on Sony’s critically acclaimed PS3 titles, like The Last of Us for example, the publisher is looking to give them a second chance.

“I hesitate to say this because I know committed gamers may roll their eyes about it, but there’s an opportunity with some of the remastering or re-imagining from PS3 franchises that will potentially find an audience that hasn’t played them in the previous generation because they skipped that generation. We’re starting to see signs of that.

It should be mentioned, though, that a lot of the Wii’s success could be attributed to its casual and family-friendly appeals. The Wii had a very clear focus and while it may have alienated the hardcore gamers, it helped Nintendo dominate the last generation.

At the same time, there’s no guarantee these same Wii owners are looking for a new gaming console, especially one that retails for $400. It’s in Sony’s best interest to try and entice them, no question, but there’s no guarantee they will show any interest in the PS4. But, if the Wii U doesn’t do it for these gamers, then perhaps the PS4 can.

Are there any Nintendo fans that went from a Wii to a PS4 this generation? Do you think the PS4 is the clear favorite right now?

Source: Eurogamer

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