Masaru Kato says Sony Working On PS4

With Nintendo just about ready to reveal the juicy details regarding its successor to the Wii, and Microsoft rumored to be working towards its next console, some have been wondering just how long Sony is planning on waiting before they step into the next “next generation” as well.

Now, a recent report suggests that it won’t be long before we get word of the PS4 – as work on the platform is already underway.

During a conference call with investors Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Masaru Kato was asked why Sony’s research and development costs have increased. The Sony CFO responded by explaining that while the PS3 still has a long life ahead of it, the company has begun work on the next hardware iteration.

Kato was sure to stress that he wasn’t able to reveal any details on what the platform would entail or when we would be hearing more official word about its capabilities.

Of all the three big hardware manufacturers, Sony has been perhaps the least involved – when it comes to discussions regarding the next console generation. Repeatedly, Sony has been quick to re-affirm that the PS3 will enjoy an exceptionally long hardware cycle – especially when compared to its competitors.

Sony President Kaz Hirai revealed this past February that a near-future PS4 or next generation console wasn’t something that Sony was even debating at the time. Instead gamers should consider the NGP and PS3 as being in a new co-operative partnership. He also claimed that the PS3 would have a 10 year life cycle, but this claim is likely debatable – especially in light of Kato’s comments during the investor call.

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No doubt some of Sony’s desire to extend the life cycle of the PS3 is fueled by a drive to have the same success with the PS3 that Sony enjoyed with the PlayStation 2. The PS2 platform is the best selling platform of all time, exceeding the sales numbers of its predecessor by nearly 50 million units. By comparison, the PS3 is just about over the 50 million unit mark now – almost 5 years into its cycle.

Do you think Sony should already be working on developing the PS4, or should they be waiting it out like they originally intended?

Source: Eurogamer

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