During this protracted console cycle there was bound to be a few firsts. While we’ve seen some of them in the form of the PC once again exerting dominance over consoles, another peculiar situation has arisen that suggests Sony might be sticking to their 2014 timeline.

That situation in question is an FCC filing that hints towards Sony’s development of a Super Slim PS3 model, labeled the 4000 series. It’s not a smoking gun, but based on Sony’s history with these slim model unveilings it seems pretty likely.

The Super Slim PS3 won’t be as significant a size jump from the 1000 series PS3s to the current 3000 series, but it will add a little space to gamers’ entertainment centers. Unfortunately the FCC document only operates in size comparisons and doesn’t make mention of how much of a percentage smaller the Super Slim would be.

Based on Sony’s track record with these types of announcements, many expect the company to announce this Super Slim during Gamescom in August. Along with being another headlining gaming event during the year, Gamescom is turning out to be the epicenter for some pretty substantial announcements, including (potentially) a closer look at Grand Theft Auto 5.

PS3 Super Slim FCC Document

If you’ll remember back in 2009, at GamesCom no less, Sony unveiled the current PS3 Slim model, which did away with the memory card ports and repositioned some of the USB outlets. What design decisions Sony will make with this Super Slim is tough to tell, but Sony usually has a few tricks up their sleeve.

Nonetheless, this new PS3 SKU only further emphasizes how deep gamers are into the current console generation that a company is considering not just a Slim model, like the Xbox 360 S, but a Super Slim version. That alone illuminates the need for a new console generation, but with the current consoles still selling well, it puts gamers’ wants and publisher’s needs on different ends of the spectrum. Hopefully this Super Slim will be the first step on Sony’s track to unveiling the PS4, codenamed Orbis.

Would you be interested in picking up a PS3 Super Slim if it includes an oft-requested feature? Should Microsoft match suit with an Xbox 360 redesign?

Source: Eurogamer

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