Prep For PS VR With This Setup Video


Sony releases a three-part video series ahead of the PlayStation VR's release later this week, detailing the hardware's surprisingly lengthy setup process.

The video game industry is about to enter a bold new frontier later this week when Sony finally unleashes its PlayStation VR technology on the world. The hardware has been a long time coming since its initial unveiling, and the hype surrounding what many believe to be the next giant leap forward in video game innovation has only intensified in the months since the PS VR's official announcement. Despite a high price tag, demand for the PS VR is larger than the demand for the PS1 was before that console's historic release - given the PS1's iconic impact on video games, the PS VR is in very good company.

Setting up the PS VR, however, might be a bit more difficult than the minor cable management that was required with the PS1. Just days before the launch of the PS VR, Sony has uploaded a series of videos that demonstrate the proper setup procedure for its nascent virtual reality technology. While it goes without saying that such complex technology was never going to be a simple plug-and-play endeavor, the series of videos reveals that the PS VR will feature a heavily-wired setup as well as demanding a very specific room layout.


The first video is essentially just an unboxing video of the PS VR, which gamers were already treated to a week ago. The second video, shown above, details how to connect all the wires for the PS VR, a useful tutorial for those who want to try out the new technology as soon as they get it. The PS VR's Processor Unit needs to be connected to both a TV (or receiver) and the PS4, and it serves as an HDMI splitter. It also needs to be plugged into the PS4 via USB port, and finally, the Processor Unit also needs a wall outlet to plug into for power.

The third and final video, shown below, showcases how a gamer should set up the room the PS VR will be in itself, discussing the positioning of the PS4 camera and how to establish a play area that is the recommended size. The video also suggests that users sit down while using PS VR and provides instructions on how to properly wear and adjust the headset, a crucial comfort factor in long play sessions.


While many have criticized the PS VR launch lineup as somewhat thin, there's no denying that its release later this week will be a major historical landmark within the video game industry. The success or failure of console VR technology may very well rest upon the PS VR, and Sony's holiday sales are likely to mirror the PS VR's critical reception later this year.

PlayStation VR launches on October 13, 2016 and will be compatible with all PS4 systems.

Source: YouTube (via Game Spot)

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