Sony Reveals New Sales Program for PS Plus Members

By | 1 year ago 

One of the best aspects of the PlayStation Network is PlayStation Plus – Sony’s subscription service in which members receive additional discounts, free games, and more every month, so long as they remain a member. Sure, sometimes PSN goes down due to heavy traffic or an unfortunate hacking, but Sony, like Microsoft, knows how to treat its fans, especially the ones that pay more than the average user.

That said, the amount of exclusive offers that PS Plus members enjoy is rather limited – save for the free monthly games. Even to non-paying members, Sony still offers a large amount of discounts and flash sales on a regular basis, thereby making sure that any and all PlayStation owners have something to play (or impulse purchase). It’s a good tactic to implement, since first-party games will be pretty scarce this year.

There are very few sales that only PS Plus members can take advantage of, unlike Xbox Live’s Deals with Gold, though that appears to be something Sony has been planning to address for a while now, as evidenced by today’s reveal of a brand new sales program. One that’s truly exclusive to the PS Plus service.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, the new program, known as PlayStation Plus Specials, was created with fans in mind, and will focus on the latest games and DLC.

PlayStation Plus Specials May 27 - June 1

Chieh Chen, Digital Distribution Manager for Sony Network Entertainment, explained the creation of the new program incorporated feedback from the PS Community, meaning that more than a few members wanted to get more out of their subscriptions. Understandable, considering PS Plus is almost a requirement to get the most out of the PS3 and PS4.

“We’ve been listening to your feedback, and today I’m thrilled to announce PlayStation Plus Specials, our brand-new deals program offering exclusive discounts for PS Plus members on the newest games and add-ons. That’s right, these deals will be available to PS Plus members only.”

PlayStation Plus Specials is already up and running, with the first batch of deals including Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, The Order: 1886, Helldivers, and even From Software’s latest, Bloodborne.

The deals last until Monday, June 1, but it’s unclear how frequently Sony will roll out new deals. Will it be monthly, like the ever-rotating selection of free games, or just something that will happen occasionally, and without a clear schedule?

Lets hope Sony addresses this soon, as it’s definitely better for potential buyers to know all the basics about a program before latching on to it.

Source: PlayStation Blog