Watch Sony's Official PlayStation VR Unboxing

Watch Sony's Official PlayStation VR Unboxing - PlayStation VR user

Sid Shuman from PlayStation Blog releases an unboxing video for the upcoming PlayStation VR device, showing potential consumers exactly what is in the box.

With PlayStation VR set to launch next week, Sony is doing its best to hype audiences for its contribution to the burgeoning virtual reality market. Sony's efforts have seen the company set up PlayStation VR demos in Best Buys and GameStops all over the United States, and now it has created its own unboxing video to show fans exactly what they get if they decide to purchase the device on October 13th.

The video is hosted by PlayStation Blog's Sid Shuman, and sees him remove everything from the PlayStation VR core unit box with some catchy music playing in the background. Shuman then explains everything that comes with the device's core unit. For $399, players receive the PlayStation VR headset itself, its power brick, and various cables that are used to connect it all together.

Besides the hardware and cables, all PlayStation VR bundles come with a demo disc designed to give players a taste of what to expect both from the launch games and titles that are a little further out. What's interesting about the unboxing video is that Shuman states there are 18 games included on the demo disc, whereas previous information pointed to there only being 17 games to try. It's hard to say what new game was added to the demo disc at the last minute because the specific games mentioned by Shuman were already confirmed for it last month.


The unboxing of the PlayStation VR core unit bundle offers fans and potential consumers a look at what they can expect when the hardware launches next week. However, it may have been more interesting to see Shuman unbox the $499 PlayStation VR launch bundle, as one has to imagine its box is a great deal larger than that of the core unit.

After all, the more expensive PlayStation VR bundle comes with a lot more than the core unit does. In addition to the headset, power brick, and demo disc, those that shell out the extra $100 can also expect to get their hands on two PlayStation Move controllers, PlayStation Camera (required to use PSVR), and a copy of PlayStation VR Worlds. Even though it costs an additional $100, it's clear that the more expensive bundle ultimately offers the most value, and may be what most consumers look for in stores next week.

That is if anyone can even find PlayStation VR in stores. Pre-orders for the device sold out almost instantaneously, and Sony itself has warned consumers to expect PlayStation VR shortages in its early days. We'll find out soon enough if Sony is overestimating PlayStation VR's popularity, or if the device is as big of a game changer as the company expects it to be.

PlayStation VR will be available on October 13th.

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