Failed Celebrity Endorsement At PlayStation Vita Presentation

Mario on PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Vita may not be coming to North American and European retailers until next February, but in the Asian markets it comes this December. In the lead-up to the release, Sony held a Vita presentation Friday in Taiwan to announce the region's release date with the help of a local celebrity.

Celebrity endorsements for video games can be hit or mess as we see each year at E3, but for Sony Computer Entertainment Taiwan on Friday, using actress/singer/talk show host Rainie Yang was a big, big miss.

So, the good news for people of Taiwan and SCET is that the Vita is launching there on December 23rd. The bad (or hilarious) news for the people Taiwan and SCET is that their new Sony spokeswoman, Rainie Yang, knows nothing about Sony products.

Live and onstage, Yang was asked what her favorite PlayStation game was. Her answer: Mario Brothers! I love that game too... but that's Nintedo, Rainie, i.e. Not the company paying you to be onstage.

That's a little funny and very awkward. Sensing the audience reaction, Rainie went into cute celebrity mode for the recovery and began posing for cute pictures with the new Sony handheld... the only problem is, she was totally unaware that she was holding it upside down... [Click to Enlarge]

Rainie Yang with Playstation Vita

Hey, at least the screen was facing the audience.

Word on the street is that after the event, Rainie went home to play Uncharted 3 on her Xbox 360.

In all seriousness, a little media coaching comes in handy for events like this, but the best solution of all is to not include celebrities who do not care and/or know about your products. Consumers can see through that, upside down consoles or otherwise.


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Source: The Magicbox (Thanks for the tip, John!)

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