Sony's PlayStation Suite Offers PS1 Classics & New Content for Android [Updated]

Sony Unveils PlayStation Suite

With all of the excitement surrounding the unveiling of Sony’s Next Generation Portable, and on-and-off rumors of a PlayStation phone in development, many might have missed the announcement of the PlayStation Suite for Android devices. Bringing the same quality PlayStation entertainment gamers have come to expect, but on a mobile phone, the PlayStation Suite is the beginning of Sony’s domination of some of the new and upcoming markets.

[Update: Check out Sony's Official Announcement Video for ALL of the revealed details!]

Here’s what Sony had to say:

“By offering 'PlayStation quality' content to this rapidly growing market, SCE will not only deliver the PlayStation experience to a wider base of users around the globe, but will also be able to offer game developers and publishers the potential to further expand their business opportunities to these devices.”

Sony has announced that the first wave of PlayStation content to be offered as part of the PlayStation suite will be many of the PlayStation One classics, games like Crash Bandicoot or perhaps even Final Fantasy VII. Really, with the amount of titles that were released for the PS1, any title could be seen as a classic.

Where the PlayStation suite is sure to shine the brightest is through its support for third party indie developers. While getting a chance to check out those PS1 games that are part of any gamers’ list of shame sounds all well and good, it doesn’t scratch the same itch that a iPhone title might. By offering content that is new and original, Sony hopes to introduce gamers to a whole new PlayStation experience.

“SCE will provide a new game development environment in an effort to ensure new and compelling content is delivered on PS Suite, which will also offer opportunities for a wider base of developers and publishers to further expand their business on various portable devices.”

The PlayStation Suite does not stop with Android devices, as the same game content will also be offered for the NGP. Gamers will be able to purchase new content or access updates via the PlayStation store, Sony’s answer to Apple’s app store. It’s all the PlayStation content a gamer could want, on some new and exciting platforms.

Besides getting the chance to re-experience some of Sony’s classics, the real bread and butter of this PlayStation suite announcement is the support for development of new content. By keeping competitive with those smaller on-the-go titles, Sony can ensure they are offering content to every form of gamer, from the casual smart phone gamer to the hardcore NGP early adopter. With all of their exclusives, a new handheld console, and now the PlayStation Suite, Sony looks to have gamers covered for 2011.

What do you think of the PlayStation Suite? Would you be interested in playing some of the PlayStation One’s classic titles mobile form?

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